Prominent Cabinets


Your fun is our high priority!

  • We all know that Research and Development involves a massive investment in discovering the latest technology and deploying it.

  • After years of research and development, we have a productive output that is interactive skill gaming machines.

  • The Prominent Gaming Cabinet's quality is exceptional, creative, and innovative. They're designed considering the player's fascination and involvement higher than ever.

  • Because of your skills, you deserve the FREE Spins, and with these free spins, you can earn a huge bonus or Jackpots.

  • We believe that we have effectively presented the experience of real casino games with our Skill-based games, including an attractive and mathematical-based skill game.

  • You do not require to visit that real city casino to appreciate the enthusiasm of bet games - Because you have our Skill Game Machines.

  • These Skill Gaming Machines come up with great gameplay, exciting bonuses, and curated 3D graphics!

  • Players will love this super innovative and superior quality machine with charming lights that vibe the vivid experience.

  • The machine comes with a massive user-friendly operation and can be updated with a single click. We have USB flash update option built-in.

  • Our Gaming Terminals includes a printer that prints and dispenses cash-out tickets (with barcode) representing the winning amount.

  • Vertix system is there to verify cash-out tickets available for free of cost when you make any purchase from Prominent's Gaming ecosystem.

  • The cabinets are easy to configure with multiple brands of Bill Validators and Thermal Printers.


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Interactive bonuses

New games are added every quarter

Curated and more engaging 3D graphics

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star wars


Giant screens and interactive skill games

Grand, Major, Mini and community bonuses

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Ambiance lighting around the gaming monitor.

4K resolution screen with Modern PCAP touchscreen monitor.

Cabinet Features

Hurry! Don't miss it. Prominent games offer this promising opportunity to boost your revenue without any upfront expenses.
Give your customers a more engaging and entertaining experience.

You get to enjoy Free Spins frequently

Unique Concept games

MGM Bonus Wheel (Minor, Major, Grand Bonus)

Promotional Videos

43-inch, 4K resolution machine – Vertical Screen

24-inch, 4K resolution machine – Horizontal Screen

Modern PCAP touch screen monitor

Latest I/O Board

Dual Bash Buttons for best interaction

On-screen button with Easy-of-use

Slot Machines are proficient enough to set the withdrawal limit as per minimum and maximum limit per operator

Prominent Game Cabinets

An installed inductive charger for cell phone charging

Ambience lighting around the gaming monitor

Easy setup/ Easy Updates

HD Graphics

Data-Driven with All Game Stats (Daily, Weekly, and Archive Data)

User-controlled Audio effect that fully immerses the player into the gaming world

The machine will identify the errors of the cabinet in the error log for debugging

Gaming Terminals includes a currency validator that validates the cash in, cash out data and represents the report for detailed analysis

The player will be rewarded with different sounds(Low to high) when they earn a Minor, Major, and Grand Bonus

Ultra-compact cabinets provide a lot of areas to breathe and consume less house on the ground for other amenities