Cookies Policy

By browsing and accessing the website, both it's desktop and mobile versions, you confirm and accept having Cookie files kept to your device. These files analyze the website's management method and improve visitors' drive to the website pages. The Policy Notice defines the purpose and kinds of cookies and determines your claims about using the website and the management of Cookies.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a tiny part of the information in the format of text saved on your device, whether it’s a cell phone, personal computer, a tablet or any other device that you use for website browsing.

Cookie files can save some parts of information about utilizing a selective site from the browser and then transport this information back to the site server that you are browsing or to the related site having a way to access the information that cookie files include.

Managing the Cookie Files While Accessing the Website

By using this website, you accept the use of cookies on your device under the existing Notice.

By changing any browser, you сan manually stop the acceptance of third-party cookies. To do this, you require to go to your browser settings and eliminate certain cookies or clear the browser history. Refer to browser instructions to know more about removing, enabling or disabling cookies.

Be informed that any difference in the cookie backgrounds or their blocking may change some website functions as well as the individual performing of website pages. You can also remove cookie files saved on your machine at any time.

Different Types of Cookies We Use

We use several types of cookies on our website to make sure maximum user experience and effective work of the website:

  1. Google Analytics

    Google analytics enables securing knowledge about the behaviour of the users hitting our website to know their choices fully. The cookies data give us the features on time provided by the users on the website, what cause they got to the site from and personal data such as location, age, and gender of the users. The data reports assist us in making our website more user-friendly and choosing content matching the users’ requirements.

  2. Facebook Pixel

    This plugin assists us in keeping positive connections with our loyal Facebook community. Cookie files linked to Facebook analytics help us to estimate the effectiveness of our digital promotion and optimize our website’s content for those users who are involved in our promotion. Browse the official Facebook page to discover more specific information on Facebook cookies.

  3. One Signal

    Our aim is trained at giving the most honest and comprehensive content linked to the gaming industry. So, we continuously improve our information base.

    We have executed a push notification service given by One Signal to keep our users informed of the latest developments and appropriate only "fresh" content. This kind of cookies makes it reasonable to understand a little more about our readers, providing us with some data on geolocation, IP address, software (OS) and devices used for website browsing.

  4. Third-Party Cookies

    Here, at, we offer external hyperlinks, banner ads and other types of content that can assist with third-party references. It should be remarked that by developing such connections, some cookies may be stored on the user’s device by other operators. Such cookies are known as “third party” cookies. We are not in charge of the third party cookies saved on your device, as third-party websites try to live by their Cookie policy requirements.

  5. Modification to the Policy

    The existing policy is subject to periodical changes at our drive or for associated agreement with GDPR(General Data Protection Regulation) conditions. All the relevant policy updates will be issued on the popular page. It’s the ultimate user’s ability to maintain track of specific Policy updates.